Bentham Town Council has published a Community Emergency Plan.
it will identify procedures to be adopted in the event of a major incident in Bentham.
What is needed in any emergency situation is knowledge of the locality and local people.
Emergency plans work best when they make use of existing organisations and local knowledge.
With this in mind the Council would be interested to hear from those willing to volunteer their specialist knowledge or practical skills and time during an emergency. In particular the Council would like to hear from :-
  A)  Volunteers who would be prepared to assist in such an event; and.
  B)  Individuals / Farmers / Organisations that have equipment / expertise /manpower to offer in an emergency.
       ( The use of tractors, diggers, pumps, Cherry pickers etc could be invaluable);  and
 C)   Vulnerable individuals who would like to be contacted in an emergency situation and asked if they require asistance.
 Expertise is as important as equipment; and expertise in caring is as important as technical expertise.  Tea makers are as necessary as medical expertise, for example.
It is extremely important that volunteers understand that during an incident they should:-
    Not endanger themselves,
    Assess the risk prior to any activity they undertake,
    Ensure their contact details are kept up to date,
    Be prepared to act quickly.
If you are interested in being involved please contact the Council Office on 62587 and speak to Christine Downey,
or Email your details to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
It would be helpful if you could give a brief description of the role or special skills or equipment that you would be able to provide in an emergency, eg: Volunteer / Use of digger / First aider /Use of a Tractor and driver. etc.