With the impending changes in the lockdown rules,  Pubs reopening and tons of exciting things about to happen.
We are compiling and publishing info about where you can eat and places to stay in Bentham,
At the moment this is a work in progress and will be updated as we go along.
Use the menu item Places to Stay, It provides a category drop down or a simple list. 
The Places to Eat is simply a random list with a picture or two and some words. 
The idea is to support Bentham businesses and at the same time provide a resource for our visitors.
For food and drink you should check with the establishment and probably book ahead. 
This sort of stuff is usually available from our tourist information point, However the decision has been made not to open our Tourist point this season.
If you have a Bentham business providing accommodation or food and drink and wish to be included in our Tourism information,
Please get in touch via the Town Clerk,  email townclerk (at) benthamtowncouncill.co.uk  and we can go from there.