Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), Are now accepting commercial waste at all HWRCs, as we previously did prior to their temporary closure in March due to COVID-19, with the exception of Harrogate Stonefall HWRC.

Commercial waste is any waste  from a commercial organisation, a business, a trade, a person’s employment, a landlord, a village hall, an educational establishment or a holiday caravan.


To encourage re-use and recycling the following types of commercial waste are accepted free of charge:

scrap metal;  /  clothing;  / plastic bottles;  / hard plastics.

We charge for:

hardcore, rubble and plasterboard;  /  tyres; / active waste(waste for disposal); / green waste; / wood waste;

cardboard; /  glass; / paper; /  cooking oil;  /returnable LPG bottles.

We do not accept the following commercial waste: animal carcasses/ excrement, scrap vehicles/ caravans/boats etc., asbestos, any waste classified as hazardous including any waste electronic or electrical equipment that is hazardous or excessive/large amounts of commercial waste where it detracts from the service provided to householders.

Current charges are available on site or can be found here.