Here it is – The Co-op Throw Away Friday!  
The Co-op Throw Away Friday is starting right here in Bentham throwAwayFridaycoop
with a brand new neighbourhood pilot scheme!
Every last Friday in the month, we are encouraging Bentham
folk to leave out any tins of food they don’t want or need
and they will be collected for the Pop Up Pantry.
The PUP serves Bentham and the surrounding Ingleborough area. It is being piloted in one or two streets first and then hoping to be rolled out across
the whole village.
So what do we need to do? Simple – Leave out any unwanted tins on your door step, either Thursday night or early Friday morning (on the last Friday of each month!) and a neighbour who lives on your street will collect them for you.

This means we only need one neighbour for just 10 minutes, on the last Friday of each month to collect and drop off at the pop-up pantry in Bentham. The pop-up pantry is inside Bentham community youth café opposite the Spar. There are plastic storage boxes outside the porch which can safely hold food that can be dropped off by the neighbour who is collecting at any time.
Or it is open Wednesday and Saturday mornings 10 till 12 noon. Another neighbour then collects the following month and so forth which means; - Minimal time for whoever wants to have a go at collecting. - The street in question organises their own collector – which is just one person a month giving 10 minutes of their time. - We all get a chance to tidy our cupboards and give to our local folk right here in Bentham, with relatively time involved as we are all so busy these days. - We are all giving something back to our community, right here in Bentham. So think of it the same way you would when having to put your bins out etc. It’s the last Friday in every month and will it be starting on Banks Way in Bentham with a collection being on the last Friday in October. If any other street wants to get involved then get in touch and I will promote it for you via social media etc. If 30 houses on one typical street put out just ONE tin, then that will be 30 tins, on just one street alone. Plus you’ll all have tidier cupboards and will have done your bit for our local community with absolute minimal effort and time – it really couldn’t be easier! Oh, and by the way, please could you just check that your tin(s) are well in-date before you place them on your doorstep and popular foods go down best including tinned ready meals! Many thanks to our lovely community! Please share. Carolyne Lobb Coop Member Pioneer and Bentham Community Development 07971 720121 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.