• QUIZ 2 for fun, No prizes,
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    Just to break the boredom we have put up a quiz. No prizes, Just a bit of fun.
    Answers on Monday.  

    1:  Of which Industry is St George the patron Saint ?

    2: On which river is the city of Winchester ?

    3: From which shakespear play is the quote
    " All the worlds a stage and all the  men and women merely players" ?

    4: Who was the first English person in space ?

    5: The Red Lion is the most common english pub name, What is the second ?

    6: Which wars took place between 1455 and 1485 ?

    7: Who was the first Englishman to swim the English Channel ?

    8: What is the better known name of Reg Dwight ?

    9: What name is give to the furniture styles of Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite ?

    10: Which Battle did Henry the fifth beat the French?

    11: Who perfected a horse drawn seed drill that sowed seeds in perfect rows in the year 1700 ?.

    12: Who devised a way of measuring wind speed ?. 

    13: Which is known as the George Cross Island ?

    14: Who plays at the Twickenham Stoop ?

    15:  What was the name of the Duke of Wellingtons Horse ?

    16:Which King did Walter Tirrel kill with an arrow in 1100 ?

    17:  Which well known poet died on St Georges day in 1850 ?

    18: Which Englishman was the first to run a mile in under four minutes ?

    19: The Original Cinque Ports were Sandwich , Dover and which other three.?

    20: Who did James Earl Ray assassinate in 1968 ?

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  • Bentham and Beyond Calendar 2021
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    Bentham & Beyond 2021 Calendar
    By Christine Downey
    The 2020 Bentham & Beyond Calendar raised ยฃ1,207.25 for The Goodenber Play Area
    The search is now on for fantastic photographs that capture the distinctive landscape,
    wildlife and communities in and around Bentham for the 2021 calendar.
    Please get your cameraโ€™s out and start snapping!
    You have the spring and summer months to take some pictures and/or to scour through your
    photograph archive and submit your best shots for consideration.
    The photographs need to be high resolution and should state where the photograph was
    Please submit your contenders to
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    by 31 st  August 2020
    The beneficiary of the 2021 Calendar sale profits has yet to be decided. The Council would
    like to hear from local organisations who wish to be considered. If your organisation would
    like to be considered please forward details to Christine the clerk at the above email
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Road works info

  • Roadworks update 31st March
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    A65 New Road, Ingleton, North Yorkshire

    06 April โ€” 06 April

    Delays likely - Traffic control (two-way signals)

    Works location: Rear of Bibbys Coaches (on A65)...


    Responsibility for works: United Utilities

    Current status: Advanced planning

    Works reference: HZ73100175487-305086

    B6480 Mount Pleasant, High Bentham, North Yorkshire

    01 April โ€” 02 April

    Delays likely - Traffic control (two-way signals)

    Works location: SIDE OF 28, MOUNT PLEASANT...

    Works description: Replace 1 existing pole 0.5m x 0.5m and provide a new pole...

    Responsibility for works: Openreach

    Current status: Advanced planning

    Works reference: BC006TI002AP500260865801

    Written on Tuesday, 03 March 2020 09:54 in Road works info Read 149 times

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