May Walks 
Friday 10th           Old Town/Rigmadon          4 or 7 miles       9.30         Lairgill         Kate Rowe           51402
Thursday 16th      Slaidburn                                 8.5  miles      9.30         Lairgill        Alan Parker           61443 
Sunday 26th        White Stone, Newby                 5.5 miles       9.30        Lairgill         Colin and Alison  07854789311
The subject of plastic waste is one of the concerns at present and I was thinking that everyone could help by picking up litter when out walking. That means being organised enough to carry a bag for the litter and possibly an old glove for picking it up. Maybe that is something everyone can think about.
As I am leading the first walk in May, I shall be encouraging everyone on the walk to look out for litter!! We should not need to pick up other people's litter but unfortunately not everyone disposes of their rubbish responsibly.
Next month I hope to tell you of how a former Bentham resident has been involved in improving her local environment., including lots of litter picking.
All walks leave Lairgill at 9.30am.
       I planned my walk on Friday 10th to coincide with a good display of bluebells in the woods around Rigmadon. As all the flowers are early this year, I hope we won't be disappointed! We will park on the verge on the Old Scotch Road about a mile from Old Town and take the track west to the B6254 which we follow carefully to Barkin House. Fields and tracks take us to Wyndhammere and back to the Old Scotch Road where we go north. Anyone wanting a short walk of 4 miles could go south and back to the cars. For 7 miles we take the track right to bluebells in Park Wood. A road takes us past Rigmaden before we head uphill to Hag Wood and more bluebells. After fields then a track past Mansergh High Farm we do down then uphill past another wood then down to Greenbank and up the road to return to the cars.
     On Thursday 16th we park at Slaidburn car park for an 8.5 mile walk with no steep climbs but an overall descent of 240m. From the village centre we cross Croasdale Brook, turn right to Holmehead Bridge and onto Hammerton Hall then Black House, following the drive to a lane corner. An obscure path 250m to the right goes through woodland and fields to Brook House Green. Turning left on the drive we reach Dugdale Lane and turn right. 750m past the crossroads, after climbing a ladder stile on the right, we take the left of two footpaths crossing to an isloated barn, eventually leading to Anna Land End and up to B6478 and across to Stanbrige Farm. We go uphill to Pikefield Plantation, and down to Higher High Field Farm then Lower High Field Farm. Field paths and a hidden footbridge take us towards the River Hodder and back to Slaidburn.
     The  walk of 5.5 miles on Sunday 26th is called White Stone. Parking is on part of the old road at the junction of the A590 and the road to Cartmel, half a mile south of Newby Bridge.  Firstly we climb up the nearby hillside and up to the top of White Stone.  We then continue over the fell, descending to the caravan park by the main road. Crossing over the A590 we walk over fields to the hamlet of Ayside and skirting Seatle Woods reach Seatle. Passing through fields we go past the houses at Hazlerigg and then back to the A590 and the cars along tracks and footpaths. 
   Our first June walk is on Wednesday 5th, 8.5 miles at Hellifield.