Walking in October: 
   On Saturday 5th, is an 8 mile walk which climbs up to Little Ingleborough. From the church in Clapham we take Clapdale Drive then walk down to the track past Ingleborough Cave. We avoid Trow Gill and go up by Clapham Bottoms to join the main path up Little Ingleborough, returning via Cold Cotes. From there we follow the footpath to Newby and Laithebutts back to Clapham.
We cross 14 bridges during the 8.5 miles walk in North Bowland on Tuesday 15th. After parking in the Church car park in Tatham Fells we walk through the fields to Lowgill Village and cross over Croasdale Beck. Crossing the Hindburn next we head up the valley over several more bridges to the top one near Greenbank. Continuing down the east side of the Hindburn with a detour past Bracken Bottom and Foss Bank, we return to the start.
     A 10 mile walk around Ingleton and Chapel-le-Dale starts from Ingleton village on Sunday 20th.
We take the Fell Lane as far as the gate leading into the Open Access land and then turn left onto White Scars and the limestone level along the west side of Ingleborough. Having passed Meregill Hole, we drop down via Souther Scales to Chapel-le-Dale. It is then a simple walk along Oddies Lane back to Ingleton. If the weather is fine we can make the walk more interesting, and add a mile, by going at a higher level above Twistleton Scars.
    On Friday 25th the Trollers Gill walk of 8.5 miles starts  in Burnsall. After parking near the bridge and setting off along the Dales Way by the River Wharfe to Howgill, we join Howgill Lane as far as Eastwood Head then cross fields to High Skyreholme. From there we go down the road and across fields to pass Parcevall Hall, heading up to Trollers Gill. Here the more adventurous and sure of foot can continue up the narrow and rocky upper section of the Gill. Those who do not fancy this difficult section can take an easy track. After the two groups re-join we head off across Appletreewick Pasture to Kail Lane which we follow to Hartlington Bridge where the road is joined and followed back to our cars.
    Please note that the first walk in November on Sunday 3rd is 9 miles Causey Pike and starts at 9am. 
    All October walks meet at Lairgill at 9.30am.