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  • Quiz 10.
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    Quiz 10.  Just for fun, No prizes and we dont care if you look the answers up:

    Q1:  In which decade was the Boston Tea Party.

    Q2: What is the better known name of the pub " The Bull and Finch", In Boston USA.

    Q3: Name the five boroughs of New York City.

    Q4: The largest Art Museum in the western hemisphere is in New York City, Whats it called ?

    Q5: A gift from France in 1886, What is the correct name for the Statue of Liberty ?

    Q6: Which European city is considered to be the Diamond capitol of the world ?

    Q7: In Barcelona there is a statue of Christopher Columbus, Holding a scroll in one hand and pointing with the other,  Where is he pointing to ?

    Q8: Which two countries border Lake Peipus ?

    Q9: Which is Britains largest national park ?

    Q10:  Which city is the most distant from Auckland, New Zealand ?

    Q11: What was the fruity surname of Zimbabwe's first president.

    Q12: Which planet has the shortest year ?

    Q13: Which is the only Australian State with no S in its name ?

    Q14:  What animal is described as caprine ?

    Q15: How did the name Jeep come about ?

    Q16: Which famous artist died the same year as William Shakespear was born.

    Q17: Which countrys most northerly mainland point is called Easter Head ?

    Q18: How many of Sherlock Holmes stories contain the line, " Elementary my dear watson " ?.

    Q19:  How did Van Gogh kill himself ?

    Q20:  What did the Wright Brothers call their Plane.?

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  • Quiz 9 with the Answers
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    Quiz 9.  Just for fun, By all means look up the answers, That is not cheating, it is learning.

    Q1.What is the name of John Goodmans Charactor in the film Big Lebowski ?.
    A: Walter Sobchak.

    Q2. What make of car is used by Doc Brown in the film Back to the Future ?
    A: It was a De Lorean

    Q3. What does Bridgette Jones name her Baby in the films third series?
    A: William.

    Q4. Which city will host the 2028 Olympic Games?.
    A:  The 2028 games are planned to be held in Los Angeles, USA.

    Q5. Which venue is the home of the British Grand Prix?
    A: Silverstone.

    Q6. How many horses in each team of a polo match.
    A: Four horses in a Polo Team,  Same as an Apocalypse, Chose your venue with care !

    Q7. Noel and Liam Gallagher have an older Brother, What is his name ?
    A: The elder Gallagher brother is called Paul.

    Q8. Matt Goss, Luke Goss and Craig Logan made up which band ?
    A: Bros.

    Q9. Which two country singers sang " Islands in the Stream " together in 1963?
    A: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

    Q10. Name the hottest Chilli pepper in the world ?.
    A: The Carolina Reaper, So hot you taste it twice.

    Q11. What are the main ingredients in a "Dark and Stormy" cocktail?
    A: Dark Rum and Ginger Beer.

    Q12. Which country does Gouda originate from ?
    A: The town of Gouda in Southern Holland.

    Q13. Which Italian City is credited as the birth place of the pizza?.
    A: Naples.

    Q14. What is the largest landlocked country in the world ?  
    A: Kazakhstan.

    Q15. Which Yorkshire boxer went five rounds with Mohamed Ali ?
    A: Richard Dunn, From Halifax.

    Q16.Which part of its body does a cow sweat through ?
    A: A cow sweats through its nose.

    Q17. Who refered to himself as the Carmen Miranda of rock and roll ?
    A: Farrokh Bulsara, Better known as Freddie Mercury.

    Q18. How many years passed between the introduction of male traffic wardens and the first female traffic warden?
    A: Four years before the first female traffic warden hit our streets.

    Q19. What was Gary Mabbuts scoring record in the 1987 Spurs versus Coventry cup final ?
    A:  Gary Mabbut scored a goal for each Side

    Q20. What were the last two scripted words in every episode of "Yes Minister".?
    A:  "Yes Minister".

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  • Quiz eight with the Answers.
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    Quiz eight:

    Q1:  Geneva stands at the tip of Lake Geneva,  What do the Swiss call the lake. ?
    A: Leman.

    Q2: In which city is the house in which Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis ?
    A: Amsterdam

    Q3:The flower of which tree is called May Blossom?
    A: Hawthorn

    Q4: Name the satellite launched into space in july 1962 to transmit tv programmes across the atlantic ?
    A: Telstar

    Q5:  In which cartoon would you find Elmer Fudd?
    A: Bugs Bunny

    Q6: Mickey Mouse first appeared in a cartoon in 1928,  What was it called. ?
    A: Plane Crazy

    Q7: Who wrote the New World Symphony ?
    A:  Antonin Dvorjak

    Q8: The feet of the Puffin are red in the summer,  What colour are they in the winter ?
    A:   Yellow

    Q9: What is the name of the nesting site of Penguins ?
    A:  A Rookery

    Q10: How old was Johann Strauss when he wrote his first waltz ?
    A: Six.  

    Q11:  What is Gymnophobia ?
    A: A fear of Nakedness

    Q12:  Which 15th Century explorer brought the pineapple from Brazil to Spain ?
    A:  Christopher Columbus.

    Q13: Who singed the King of Spains Beard in 1587 ?
    A: Francis Drake.

    Q14:  What musical instrument did Sir Charles Wheatston invent in 1824 ?
    A We have him to thank for the Accordian.  ( or not )

    Q15: Which simple tune, often played by children is known as Cutlets waltz in France and Germany ?
    A:  This is Chopsticks.

    Q16: In Scotland, which room of the house would you be most likely to find a spurtle ?
    A:  You would expect to find one in the kitchen, it is a stiring stick.

    Q17: What was invented by Kirkpatrick MacMillan in about 1840 ?
    A: The Pedal bicycle. 

    Q18:  The Isle of Man TT was established in 1907, What does TT stand for ?
    A: Tourist Trophy.

    Q19: Which is the only star sign not represented by an animal ?
    A: Libre which is represented by Scales.

    Q20:  Insulin controls the amount of sugar in the blood,  Which organ produces insulin ?
    A: The Pancreas.


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  • Quiz 7 with Answers
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    A somewhat belated Quiz seven.  Answers on Thursday

    Q1:  Which of Henry the 8th's Wives suffered the same fate as Anne Boleyn ?.
    A: Catherine Howard was also beheaded. 

    Q2: What year was Martin Luther King Assasinated ?
    A: 1968. ( 4th of April )

    Q3: Who's shocking murder rocked Briton in 1999 ?
    A:  Jill Dando 

    Q4: The First ever meeting between a British Monarch and a US president took place in 1918, Who was the President.?
    A: President Roosevelt.

    Q5: Which famous composer wrote the music that we use for " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"?
    Click the read more for the rest of the quiz
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  • Quiz six With Answers.
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    Welcome to quiz six.

    Q1:  Captain Tom Moore was 100 years old on the 30th of April, Who delivered the Birthday card from the Queen ?
    A: The Queen sent Lord-Lieutenant Helen Nellis.High Sherrif of Bedfordshire.

    Q2:  Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have a baby son, What was the name of the previous child born to a sitting Prime Minister?.
    A:   Florence Rose Endelion was born to The Camerons in August 2010

    Q3:  The German Government have bailed out an airline to the tune of $10 billion,  Which Airline ?
    A: Lufthansa.

    Q4: What is the name of the company who are launching the Starlink satellites ?.
    A: The low orb satellites are made and operated by SpaceX .

    Q5: What was the name of the sequel to the British TV series "Life on Mars" ?
    A:  Ashes to Ashes.

    Q6: What is a Groyne ?
    A:  Another name for a breakwater.

    Q7: The Swedish Beer fuelled festival called Valborg celebrating spring is being is being prevented in Lund, How ? .
    A:  The authorities have spread hen muck all over the field.

    Q8:  Kim Jong Un's sister has been in the news lately, What is her name ?
    A: Kim Yo Jong.

    Q9: On V.E.Day the surrender was accepted by Eisenhower for the Yanks, Montgomerie for the Brits and who for the Russians ?
    A:  The Russian representative was Marshal Zhukov.

    Q10: Yandex is a Russian language search engine, A bit like Google,  What does Yandex stand for ?
    A:  Yet Another iNDEX .

    Q11: In the Beverly Hill Billys, What was the name of Mr Drysdales secretary ?
    A: Jane Hathaway was Mr Drysdales secretary.

    Q12: Who plays the title role in the TV detective series " Vera " ?
    A: Brenda Blethyn Plays Vera.

    Q13: Which musical is based on the book " I am a Camera "?
    A: Caberet

    Q14: The bite from which insect can spread Sleeping Sickness ?
    A:  The Tse Tse fly

    Q15: The first James Bond film was released in 1962, What was it called ?
    A: Dr No, With Sean Connery as Bond.

    Q16: Which gland is responsible for growth hormone in the human body ?
    A: The Pituitary Gland

    Q17: What is a Clafouti  ?
    A:  A sort of flan / Pancake, Often with black cherries

    Q18: What colour is the Italian Liqueur Galliano ?
    A: Yellow.

    Q19:  Name the presenter of the TV quiz " Tenable".?
    A:  Warwick Davis.

    Q20: Who was the author of the detective stories about " Maigret " ?
    A:  Georges  Simenon wrote the Maigret Stories.



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