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  • Quiz 10 and Answers
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    Quiz 10.  Just for fun, No prizes and we dont care if you looked the answers up:

    Q1:  In which decade was the Boston Tea Party.
    A: It took place in 1773

    Q2: What is the better known name of the pub " The Bull and Finch", In Boston USA.
    A: It was the original setting for the Bar called "Cheers".

    Q3: Name the five boroughs of New York City.
    A:  Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Statten Island.

    Q4: The largest Art Museum in the western hemisphere is in New York City, Whats it called ?
    A: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Q5: A gift from France in 1886, What is the correct name for the Statue of Liberty ?
    A: " Liberty Enlightening the World".

    Q6: Which European city is considered to be the Diamond capital of the world ?
    A: Antwerp in Belgium.

    Q7: In Barcelona there is a statue of Christopher Columbus, Holding a scroll in one hand and pointing with the other,  Where is he pointing to ?
    A: He is pointing to his home city of Genoa.

    Q8: Which two countries border Lake Peipus ?
    A: Estonia and Russia.

    Q9: Which is Britains largest national park ?
    A: The Cairngorms National Park at 1.748 sq Miles is Britains largest National Park.

    Q10:  Which city is the most distant from Auckland, New Zealand ?
    A: The city most distant from Auckland, New Zealand is Malaga in Spain.

    Q11: What was the fruity surname of Zimbabwe's first president.
    A: Canaan Banana.

    Q12: Which planet has the shortest year ?
    A: Mercury has the shortest year.

    Q13: Which is the only Australian State with no S in its name ?
    A: Victoria.

    Q14:  What animal is described as caprine ?
    A: A Goat.

    Q15: How did the name Jeep come about ?
    A: It is derived from General Purpose vehicle.  ( G. P. )

    Q16: Which famous artist died the same year as William Shakespear was born ?.
    A: Michaelangelo died the same year that William Shakespear was born.

    Q17: Which countrys most northerly mainland point is called Easter Head ?
    A: Scotland.

    Q18: How many of Sherlock Holmes stories contain the line, " Elementary my dear watson " ?
    A:  None !

    Q19:  How did Van Gogh kill himself ?
    A: He shot himself.

    Q20:  What did the Wright Brothers call their Plane.?
    A: Flyer.  ( Just as well it worked really )

    Thats it.  Last quiz, If you enjoyed them, Great.  If not, Such is life. 
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  • Quiz 9 with the Answers
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    Quiz 9.  Just for fun, By all means look up the answers, That is not cheating, it is learning.

    Q1.What is the name of John Goodmans Charactor in the film Big Lebowski ?.
    A: Walter Sobchak.

    Q2. What make of car is used by Doc Brown in the film Back to the Future ?
    A: It was a De Lorean

    Q3. What does Bridgette Jones name her Baby in the films third series?
    A: William.

    Q4. Which city will host the 2028 Olympic Games?.
    A:  The 2028 games are planned to be held in Los Angeles, USA.

    Q5. Which venue is the home of the British Grand Prix?
    A: Silverstone.

    Q6. How many horses in each team of a polo match.
    A: Four horses in a Polo Team,  Same as an Apocalypse, Chose your venue with care !

    Q7. Noel and Liam Gallagher have an older Brother, What is his name ?
    A: The elder Gallagher brother is called Paul.

    Q8. Matt Goss, Luke Goss and Craig Logan made up which band ?
    A: Bros.

    Q9. Which two country singers sang " Islands in the Stream " together in 1963?
    A: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

    Q10. Name the hottest Chilli pepper in the world ?.
    A: The Carolina Reaper, So hot you taste it twice.

    Q11. What are the main ingredients in a "Dark and Stormy" cocktail?
    A: Dark Rum and Ginger Beer.

    Q12. Which country does Gouda originate from ?
    A: The town of Gouda in Southern Holland.

    Q13. Which Italian City is credited as the birth place of the pizza?.
    A: Naples.

    Q14. What is the largest landlocked country in the world ?  
    A: Kazakhstan.

    Q15. Which Yorkshire boxer went five rounds with Mohamed Ali ?
    A: Richard Dunn, From Halifax.

    Q16.Which part of its body does a cow sweat through ?
    A: A cow sweats through its nose.

    Q17. Who refered to himself as the Carmen Miranda of rock and roll ?
    A: Farrokh Bulsara, Better known as Freddie Mercury.

    Q18. How many years passed between the introduction of male traffic wardens and the first female traffic warden?
    A: Four years before the first female traffic warden hit our streets.

    Q19. What was Gary Mabbuts scoring record in the 1987 Spurs versus Coventry cup final ?
    A:  Gary Mabbut scored a goal for each Side

    Q20. What were the last two scripted words in every episode of "Yes Minister".?
    A:  "Yes Minister".

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