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Quiz six With Answers.

Welcome to quiz six.

Q1:  Captain Tom Moore was 100 years old on the 30th of April, Who delivered the Birthday card from the Queen ?
A: The Queen sent Lord-Lieutenant Helen Nellis.High Sherrif of Bedfordshire.

Q2:  Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have a baby son, What was the name of the previous child born to a sitting Prime Minister?.
A:   Florence Rose Endelion was born to The Camerons in August 2010

Q3:  The German Government have bailed out an airline to the tune of $10 billion,  Which Airline ?
A: Lufthansa.

Q4: What is the name of the company who are launching the Starlink satellites ?.
A: The low orb satellites are made and operated by SpaceX .

Q5: What was the name of the sequel to the British TV series "Life on Mars" ?
A:  Ashes to Ashes.

Q6: What is a Groyne ?
A:  Another name for a breakwater.

Q7: The Swedish Beer fuelled festival called Valborg celebrating spring is being is being prevented in Lund, How ? .
A:  The authorities have spread hen muck all over the field.

Q8:  Kim Jong Un's sister has been in the news lately, What is her name ?
A: Kim Yo Jong.

Q9: On V.E.Day the surrender was accepted by Eisenhower for the Yanks, Montgomerie for the Brits and who for the Russians ?
A:  The Russian representative was Marshal Zhukov.

Q10: Yandex is a Russian language search engine, A bit like Google,  What does Yandex stand for ?
A:  Yet Another iNDEX .

Q11: In the Beverly Hill Billys, What was the name of Mr Drysdales secretary ?
A: Jane Hathaway was Mr Drysdales secretary.

Q12: Who plays the title role in the TV detective series " Vera " ?
A: Brenda Blethyn Plays Vera.

Q13: Which musical is based on the book " I am a Camera "?
A: Caberet

Q14: The bite from which insect can spread Sleeping Sickness ?
A:  The Tse Tse fly

Q15: The first James Bond film was released in 1962, What was it called ?
A: Dr No, With Sean Connery as Bond.

Q16: Which gland is responsible for growth hormone in the human body ?
A: The Pituitary Gland

Q17: What is a Clafouti  ?
A:  A sort of flan / Pancake, Often with black cherries

Q18: What colour is the Italian Liqueur Galliano ?
A: Yellow.

Q19:  Name the presenter of the TV quiz " Tenable".?
A:  Warwick Davis.

Q20: Who was the author of the detective stories about " Maigret " ?
A:  Georges  Simenon wrote the Maigret Stories.



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