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Quiz 7 with Answers

A somewhat belated Quiz seven.  Answers on Thursday

Q1:  Which of Henry the 8th's Wives suffered the same fate as Anne Boleyn ?.
A: Catherine Howard was also beheaded. 

Q2: What year was Martin Luther King Assasinated ?
A: 1968. ( 4th of April )

Q3: Who's shocking murder rocked Briton in 1999 ?
A:  Jill Dando 

Q4: The First ever meeting between a British Monarch and a US president took place in 1918, Who was the President.?
A: President Roosevelt.

Q5: Which famous composer wrote the music that we use for " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"?
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A: Mozart... Allegedly ?

Q6: The Keil canal links the Baltic with which other body of water.?
A: It links to the North Sea, 98km long or 61miles 

Q7: Name the US Playwright who wrote " Barefoot in the Park " and " The Odd Couple " ?
A:  Neil Simon.

Q8:  What breed of dog is Nana in Peter Pan ?
A:  St Bernard.

Q9:  What is the other name for a Limestone Landscape ?
A: Karst.

Q10: Who created the " Wall of Sound" in the 1960's ?
A: Phil Spectre.

Q11:  What is the capital of the state of New South Wales in Australia ? ( In case you thought there was another ).
A: Sydney

Q12: Which invention made Alfred Nobel his fortune ?
A:  Dynamite.

Q13: How long is the M62 Motorway, Miles or Kilometres,  ?.
A: The M62 is 107 miles from Liverpool to Hull, Or 172km if you go the long way round.

Q14:  Which Canadian Lake is known as " The Lake of Shining Water " in the Huron Language?
A: Lake Ontario.

Q15: Who was convicted of the killing of Martin Luther King?
A James Earl Ray.

Q16: Name the ship that Grace Darling helped to rescue the survivors from in 1838.
A: The ship was the Forfarshire.

Q17:  Who was the last Woman in Britain to be Hanged?.
A:  Ruth Ellis, For the murder of her lover David Blakely

Q18: What is Octodecaphobia ?
A:  A fear of the number 18.

Q19: Where would you usually wear a Skean Dhu ?
A:  Also known as sgian dhub; In yer sock, Or hose, It is a small knife to eat with etc.

Q20:  Where is the Isle of Grain ?
A:  The Isle of Grain is a village in the Medway region of Kent and is not an island.

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