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Quiz eight with the Answers.

Quiz eight:

Q1:  Geneva stands at the tip of Lake Geneva,  What do the Swiss call the lake. ?
A: Leman.

Q2: In which city is the house in which Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis ?
A: Amsterdam

Q3:The flower of which tree is called May Blossom?
A: Hawthorn

Q4: Name the satellite launched into space in july 1962 to transmit tv programmes across the atlantic ?
A: Telstar

Q5:  In which cartoon would you find Elmer Fudd?
A: Bugs Bunny

Q6: Mickey Mouse first appeared in a cartoon in 1928,  What was it called. ?
A: Plane Crazy

Q7: Who wrote the New World Symphony ?
A:  Antonin Dvorjak

Q8: The feet of the Puffin are red in the summer,  What colour are they in the winter ?
A:   Yellow

Q9: What is the name of the nesting site of Penguins ?
A:  A Rookery

Q10: How old was Johann Strauss when he wrote his first waltz ?
A: Six.  

Q11:  What is Gymnophobia ?
A: A fear of Nakedness

Q12:  Which 15th Century explorer brought the pineapple from Brazil to Spain ?
A:  Christopher Columbus.

Q13: Who singed the King of Spains Beard in 1587 ?
A: Francis Drake.

Q14:  What musical instrument did Sir Charles Wheatston invent in 1824 ?
A We have him to thank for the Accordian.  ( or not )

Q15: Which simple tune, often played by children is known as Cutlets waltz in France and Germany ?
A:  This is Chopsticks.

Q16: In Scotland, which room of the house would you be most likely to find a spurtle ?
A:  You would expect to find one in the kitchen, it is a stiring stick.

Q17: What was invented by Kirkpatrick MacMillan in about 1840 ?
A: The Pedal bicycle. 

Q18:  The Isle of Man TT was established in 1907, What does TT stand for ?
A: Tourist Trophy.

Q19: Which is the only star sign not represented by an animal ?
A: Libre which is represented by Scales.

Q20:  Insulin controls the amount of sugar in the blood,  Which organ produces insulin ?
A: The Pancreas.


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