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News and information about Bentham

Please note: Bentham Surgery will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday.
25th of May.

Seasons Bakeries at Ingleton are providing a delivery service to High and Low Bentham. 
Call 015242 41202  Not just bread, Fruit and Veg as well.

seasons bakery1
Simply Delicious 
Delivering to high and low bentham, mewith, and very closely surrounding area.
Please read the information below for the details.
please get in touch by messenger on here or by calling me on 015242 61525

Boothy's Milk round,  Doorstep deliveries to Bentham on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
See more for = Additional items and order form.
Changes to Flowerfields and Bentham Post Office opening hours,  Call us on 61904 for orders and deliveries.          
Opening hours due to Covid 19 as of Monday the 30th of March.
Open slightly later and closing slightly earlier and                            
shut for an hour at lunchtime,
It gives time to clean down counter pin pads etc.
Mon 9-12 // 1-4pm.
Tues 9-12 // 1-4pm..
Wed 9-12 // 1-4pm.
Thurs 9-12 // 1-4pm.
Fri 9-12 // 1-4pm.
Sat 9-12:30pm.

Please note recent changes to the Co-op opening times.

Co opNewTimes
Please note the change in our Chemists opening hours.
Screenshot 20200324 082900


Bentham Footpath Group have cancelled ALL walks until further notice.
Many of the events planned for Bentham have either been cancelled or are likely to be in the future.
We will try and keep things updated as much as possible.   Please take the advice from NHS and HMG and hopefully we can all come out the other end.    Keep your distance !
Bentham Town Council are setting up a help line which will go to an answer phone,  Messages checked frequently and should you need help, Tell us who you are and where you live. 

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