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Bentham & Beyond 2021 Calendar
By Christine Downey
The 2020 Bentham & Beyond Calendar raised £1,207.25 for The Goodenber Play Area
The search is now on for fantastic photographs that capture the distinctive landscape,
wildlife and communities in and around Bentham for the 2021 calendar.
Please get your camera’s out and start snapping!
You have the spring and summer months to take some pictures and/or to scour through your
photograph archive and submit your best shots for consideration.
The photographs need to be high resolution and should state where the photograph was
Please submit your contenders to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
by 31 st  August 2020
The beneficiary of the 2021 Calendar sale profits has yet to be decided. The Council would
like to hear from local organisations who wish to be considered. If your organisation would
like to be considered please forward details to Christine the clerk at the above email

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