QUIZ 2 for fun, No prizes,

Just to break the boredom we have put up a quiz. No prizes, Just a bit of fun.
Answers on Monday.  

1:  Of which Industry is St George the patron Saint ?

2: On which river is the city of Winchester ?

3: From which shakespear play is the quote
" All the worlds a stage and all the  men and women merely players" ?

4: Who was the first English person in space ?

5: The Red Lion is the most common english pub name, What is the second ?

6: Which wars took place between 1455 and 1485 ?

7: Who was the first Englishman to swim the English Channel ?

8: What is the better known name of Reg Dwight ?

9: What name is give to the furniture styles of Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite ?

10: Which Battle did Henry the fifth beat the French?

11: Who perfected a horse drawn seed drill that sowed seeds in perfect rows in the year 1700 ?.

12: Who devised a way of measuring wind speed ?. 

13: Which is known as the George Cross Island ?

14: Who plays at the Twickenham Stoop ?

15:  What was the name of the Duke of Wellingtons Horse ?

16:Which King did Walter Tirrel kill with an arrow in 1100 ?

17:  Which well known poet died on St Georges day in 1850 ?

18: Which Englishman was the first to run a mile in under four minutes ?

19: The Original Cinque Ports were Sandwich , Dover and which other three.?

20: Who did James Earl Ray assassinate in 1968 ?

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