Saturday 1st       Rivers Wenning and Greta    6.5 miles     9.30am   Lairgill     Don Cartledge  64979
Tuesday 11th Lawkland 7 miles 9.30am Lairgill Robert Baines 41452
Sunday 16th Rathmell and Wham 6 miles 11am Lairgill Susan Badley 62502
Thursday 27th Clapham and Austwick 4 miles 10.30am Lairgill
Alison Kinder & Colin Stroud 07854789311 The deciduous trees may finally have lost their leaves by now, but what a wonderful,
long display of colour they have given us this year. I don't think I remember them as colourful before.
Now we can enjoy seeing the bare trees in their winter outline. Referring back to last month where I quoted Wainwright as saying that "grandmothers and infants" could climb Cat Bells,
I can confirm as a grandmother that it is true. But it was quite a climb!
We were lucky that the rain that had been forecast held off but, as happens sometimes,
the walk had to be shortened due to mist on the next couple of peaks that we were aiming for.
With shorter and lower down walks this month, hopefully all will be possible.
Please note that only two start at 9.30am, though all leave from Lairgill. The first walk is on Saturday 1st is a 6.5 mile circular walk.
Starting at Melling we go via Tatham Church, Wennington, across to Wrayton and walk alongside the Greta back to Melling. On Tuesday 11th a 7 mile walk starts from Austwick Bridge. We pass Woodhouse and Meldings,
follow Brunton Road and Cave Hole Road to the A65 then head to Lawkland Green.
We pass Armistead Hall, go under the railway, pass Blaithwaite Farm and take fields to Black Bank Road.
Passing an old quarry we go over the railway, go below Lawkland Hall and old farm to cross fields back to the start. A later start of 11am on Sunday 16 Dec for 6 miles from Rathmell.
We’ll follow Back Lane and Hesley Lane out of Rathmell then turn onto a pleasant green lane to Upper Sheep Wash.
The field path past Low Folds then takes us to the quiet road to Lower Wham where we turn to head back to Rathmell via Cocket Moss,
passing Swainstead Knot and Green Farm. Another later start of 10.30am on Thursday 27th for a short after Christmas walk of about 4 miles followed by an optional pub lunch.
After parking near the church at Clapham, we walk through the tunnels then along Thwaite Lane to Austwick and follow the road through the village.
Field paths will take us back to Clapham.


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